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A VLOG about yoga, coffee and content marketing – RogVLOG2

I’ve recently started doing a Vlog.

It documents my life as a marketing guy and fitness and yoga instructor.

I thought I’d share episode 2 with you because it includes a behind the scenes sneaky peak into my power yoga class.

You can also check out my place to work from – the best coffee shop in Edinburgh.  And I talk about content marketing, what I do when I’m not teaching classes, with city colleagues.

Thanks to Pelham Hill from Renroc Cafe and Faith Liversedge from Nucleus Financial for appearing in the show.

More about Renroc Cafe:

Following its refresh and refurbishment in June 2012, they created a cross between the casualness of a cafe and the formality of a restaurant. Where good food and a dining experience need not cost the earth. That it can be fun, casual and relaxed too.”


If you want to find out more about Cafe Renroc Bar and Venue – visit their website here. 

Now it’s your turn:

What did you think of the VLOG? Thinking about visiting Cafe Renroc? Please leave a comment below or chat about it on social media.

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