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Review of Doctor Who Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Ever since Doctor Who first came to our screens nearly 50 years ago we’ve been fascinated by the inside of the TARDIS.

Of course it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside but we rarely get to see beyond the control room with its hexagonal console.

Back in the 1970s when Tom Baker was at the helm they treated us to a chase through the corridors of the TARDIS, but to save money the BBC simply used an old hospital and swimming pool, hardly ultra modern.

So I was looking forward ago seeing what the inside of the TARDIS would look like with more budget and up to date special effects.

Review of Doctor Who Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
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Actually it was both amazing and disappointing. The library set was particularly impressive but other rooms, especially the swimming pool, were so obviously photos added to the TV image. Maybe this was meant to be an homage to the classic series and its dodgy sets? The corridors were a little bland, although they were well-lit and had the feel of the film Alien about it.

At the beginning if the episode we saw a very impressive salvage space ship and the set up scenes with the salvage team were well done. Once we ventured deep into the TARDIS with the Doctor (Matt Smith) blackmailing the salvage team into helping him find Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) the tension mounts. Some of the scenes with the burned monsters stalking the travellers through dark corridors were scary and effective. Though I wasn’t quite certain about what they were. It’s implied that they are the burned future versions of the salvage team, the Doctor and Clara. Why then do they effectively try to kill themselves then?

The salvage team were a little wooden and I found the theme that they had managed to convince one of their number that he was an android a little too silly. I mean, if you only had an artificial arm and an eye you would notice that you still had normal bodily functions wouldn’t you?

When the Doctor and Clara found the TARDIS engine room we saw a leap of faith scene ripped off from an Indiana Jones film. And the conclusion, effectively pressing a reset button, continues the only disappointing feature of the current run of episodes – the weak conclusions.

This was a fun episode, well designed and entertaining, but after waiting so many years to go deep into the TARDIS I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

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