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Red Arrows at East Fortune Air Show 2012

Someone told me that in the first 15 days of July we only had 1.6 hours of sunshine. It hasn’t been much better since and so things didn’t bode well for my annual trip to the East Fortune air show.

red arrows at east fortune air show 2012
The Red Arrows Arrive

The rain was constantly torrential, the clouds low, and the grassy areas we usually sit and sunbathe on were quagmires of Glastonbury proportions.

red arrows at east fortune air show 2012
The famous fan maneuver

Fortunately the sun did come out briefly enough to let the Red Arrows perform one of their stunning displays. I have posted video of them before but I think sometimes you have to look at still photos to appreciate the full splendour of what they do.

red arrows at east fortune air show 2012

After the display I took shelter from another deluge in the Concorde hangar and savoured the magnificence of G-BOAA – what a shame that one of these birds couldn’t have been air worthy enough to perform at the Olympics.

red arrows at east fortune air show 2012
Barrel rolls whilst formation flying

It was great to see the Red Arrows at East Fortune Air Show 2012 after an absence of 5 years. I could have just done with an absence of rain.

Over to you: Were you at East Fortune today? What did you think despite the awful weather? Please leave a comment below or post a link to your pictures.

Red Arrows in Edinburgh over Newhaven

So there I was driving through the streets of Edinburgh on my way to David Lloyd fitness club in Newhaven when I saw the Red Arrows zoom overhead. It was just a glimpse up above the houses. Blink and you would have missed them with only their red white and blue smoke trails to denote their passing.

I got a little excited, having not seen the Arrows for years. They never seem to come to the East Fortune Airshow. But after that fleeting moment there was no sign of them.

As I arrived at David Lloyd however, I was overjoyed to find them just starting their display to commemorate Armed Forces Day – directly over Newhaven, my destination. It’s a bit shaky but my iPhone captured the highlights.

Absolutely stunning and a pleasure to see the Red Arrows in Edinburgh.