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Fitness rocks on down at the Super Quarterly

Imagine a fitness class crossed with a rock concert. A workout in “the round”. A group fitness experience at Glastonbury or “T in the Park”. This is a Super Quarterly

Any fitness instructor who teaches one of the Les Mills programmes – I teach Body Combat and Body Balance – has to go on what we call a quarterly workshop every 3 months to see the new music and the new moves.

Super Quarterly

These are usually held in fitness clubs like David Lloyd or Bannatyne’s, and it is essentially a load of instructors attending their own class just like a participant would. Except our instructor is a Master Trainer.

Occasionally they hold a Super Quarterly where the new classes are showcased in a massive venue. We recently had a Super Quarterly in Edinburgh and the atmosphere was incredible. Hundreds of instructors. Loud music. International Master Trainers. It is so motivational and uplifting to feel so much fitness power in one room.

First up was CXWorx I’ve written about this work out before – it is a 30 minute core training programme and it hurts. In the days that followed I discovered muscle soreness I never thought possible. Abs and butt muscles were totally on fire. I imagine doing this several times a week will yield impressive results.

Then came Body Balance, a delightful mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. And it’s tough too. Not in an aerobic sense but it strengthens, stretches and tones. The guest presenter from New Zealand was Corey Baird. He has a soft soothing manner and looks like he was chiseled from oak. The girls love his body and I guess I can see why. Ann-See Yeoh and Kathryn Cullen from the UK put in their usual precise and calmly motivational performances.

super quartery

Of course everyone was building up the last class of the day, Body Combat. This highly intensive, heart thumping mixed martial arts class takes participants out of their daily lives and into a land of make believe – the Bruce Lee film. Or Bruce Willis, or Captain Jack Sparrow,┬ádepending upon who your action hero is. Presented by programme director Dan Cohen, the Vauxhall brother, who is short in stature, but giant in technique, moves and motivation. The room simply shook to the thunder of the music and the intensity of the workout. Our UK trainers Dave Cross and Phil Harrison proved their worth alongside the wee man, and the crowd roared its approval.

Here’s a brief video of the Combat masterclass. Just look at all those people fighting for their fitness.

I’m now learning Body Combat 51 and Body Balance 56. I’ll be launching soon. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to hurt. And it’s going to work.

Over to you: Are you a Les Mills Instructor? Did you go to a Super Quarterly? What do you think of the new releases. If you are a participant in a class – let me know what you think of the new moves and the new music. Please post a comment below.