Don’t Look. Track list for Les Mills Body Balance Release 72


Yes only two weeks into teaching Body Balance release 71, and before I’ve even written my review, here’s the track list for Les Mills Body Balance release 72. We’ll get to see this in April 2016.

If you don’t want spoiling DON’T READ any further. Otherwise have a look.


Deliver Me first appeared way back in release 19 and is one of my favourite ever Balance songs.

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think of the Les Mills Body Balance release 72 track list? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Listen on Amazon:

If you want more spoilers you can click on the links above to see the music on Amazon. They won’t be exactly the same mixes because Les Mills often edit the tracks, and some are Les Mills cover versions and not available commercially. But it will give you a good feel for what’s on its way.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Look. Track list for Les Mills Body Balance Release 72

  1. I love hearing the music early – I know I won’t get to see the moves until April, but knowing the beat helps me get into the rhythm of a new release so much sooner.
    Interesting mix – 2 sun sals and 2 abs tracks – are these alternates or to be done together do you know????
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Emma – usually if the tracks are noted as 2a and 2b then there are two tracks of that type – so we do both.

      Sometimes they give us an alternative track which we can replace the standard track – but then that would appear at the end of the track list and be called Bonus Track 2 – for example.

      1. Ideal! Loved 68 for the double tracks! So looking forward to LM live on Saturday to see this release for the first time ?

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