Thunder – Track list for Les Mills Body Balance release 79

Christmas is coming (yes the hops have their decorations up even though there’re 2 months to go) and with it the next batch of fitness classes.

Here’s the track list for Les Mills Body Balance release 79.

You’ll see this in clubs from early 2018.

If you don’t want spoilers DON’T READ any further. Otherwise, have a look.

Thunder - Track list for Les Mills Body Balance release 79

Here’s what Les Mills has to say about release 79.

“We have continued with the way that BODYBALANCE has been heading – this class is calm, conscious and challenging in whichever way you choose it to be. ..”

Looks like a stellar line up of tunes plus another couple of Stanton Lanier tracks for the relaxation.

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think of the Les Mills Body Balance release 79 track list? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Listen on Amazon:

If you want more spoilers you can click on the links above to see the music on Amazon. They won’t be exactly the same mixes because Les Mills often edit the tracks, and some are Les Mills cover versions and not available commercially. But it will give you a good feel for what’s on its way.

5 thoughts on “Thunder – Track list for Les Mills Body Balance release 79

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  2. wow…i stumble upon this blog. how disappointing there is no latest post because i enjoy reading yours tremendously since i have been weighing things out about getting BodyBalance certification myself

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