Here it is! Track list for Les Mills Body Vive release 40

I’m going to give the game away? Here’s the track list for Les Mills Body Vive release 40.

That’s the tenth anniversary of Body Vive.

You’ll be working out to this in September 2016.

Look away now if you don’t want to know.

Track list for Les Mills Body Vive release 40

Here’s what Les Mills say: BODYVIVE 3.1 Release 40 – this marks our 10th birthday and this class has a little bit of old and a lot of new as we acknowledge where we have been and where we’re going.

Now it’s your turn:

What do you think of the Les Mills Body Vive release 40 tracklist? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

If you want more spoilers you can click on the links above to see the music on Amazon. They won’t be exactly the same mixes because Les Mills often edit the tracks, and some are Les Mills cover versions and not available commercially. But it will give you a good feel for what’s on its way.

2 thoughts on “Here it is! Track list for Les Mills Body Vive release 40

  1. Thanks again! Quite a different feel/flow from release 39 (which I loved right from start!) I think this one will grow on me. The music always takes on a life of it’s own once you learn the choreography

    Can’t find anything on Track 3 (demolition squad), which I am guessing you can’t either as it’s the only track unlinked. Guess it will be a true surprise then!

    P.S. I passed my BodyVive training last month and am on my way to fully qualified instructor 🙂

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