Triangle film review – the triangle of Terror

triangle of terror triangle film review

“Triangle” is probably the best horror/thriller film I have seen since I was blown away by the fabulous genre-shift in “The Descent”.

If you look at the poster for this film you will think it is a slasher movie and say no way. If you watch the trailer you will think it is a slasher movie and definitely say no way. If you read some of the reviews from critics who didn’t get it then you will think it is a slasher movie and hire something else.

So ignore the poster and don’t watch the trailer and don’t read any reviews. Rent the DVD. Turn the lights off and prepare to get scared. And also prepare to get your brain scrambled at the same time because the narrative requires to you do some serious thinking. This is definitely not a slasher movie though there is some serious slashing going on – but it is “essential to the plot” style slashing, not the slashing for slashing sake seen in real slashers.

Melissa George (apparantly she was in Home and Away) plays Jess who is not having a good time with her disabled child. She accepts some respite from friends who invite her on a yachting trip. But they are capsized in a storm and end up boarding a deserted ocean liner. The ship has long echoing corridors and a ball room that reminded be of “The Shining”. Jess has a strange feeling of Deja Vu. Has she been on the boat before?

Then the violence begins and we first think that the whole story is over in about 30 minutes. Except that it happens again. And again. And by then you realise with a creeping sense of dread why she as that Deja Vu.

I can’t say anymore without totally ruining the story. But it is a thoroughly entertaining, scary film. It is complex and a superbly written mystery that unfolds at a perfect pace. Writer and director Christopher Smith has spent a long time weaving this film together with a fine thread of intricately crafted detail.

Be prepared to watch this stunner more than once! You’ll probably need to to get your head round it. And it ISN’T a slasher movie! Okay!

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