Unbelieveable Airmanship – The Hudson A320 Ditching

I have been flying on business and pleasure for nearly 20 years and despite clocking up mass of flying hours I am still a nervous flyer. When turbulence hits I grip the armrest of the seat until the whites of my knuckles appear, and I dig my heels into the floor of the cabin because I know that this extra pressure will help to stabilise the aircraft.

Maybe I think that it is fate but I always watch the safety briefing even though I could recite the British Airways one out in my sleep. But even though I pay close attention, there is always that little voice cackling away in the background, “What if….what if?” And the little voice always gets a little louder when the safety briefing gets to the bit about “in the event of a landing on water!”

A landing on water? Is that really possible? Could an airliner, however well built and tested really land intact on water and stay afloat for long enough for everyone to get out?

The little voice in the back of my head always paints some quite graphic pictures at that point.

Well just look at what the pilot of that US Airways Airbus A320 achieved in New York yesterday. He got it down, safely and everyone got off.


A testiment to the training and dedication of the flight crew and to the design and durability of the A320 aircraft.

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