Video of first British Airways Airbus A380 landing in Europe – but it looks “naked”

Continuing my occasional look at building a BA super jumbo, here is a great YouTube video I found of the first BA A380 landing in Europe.

It looks “undressed” as they have only painted the tailplane and engines into BA colours – the rest of the plane is curiously “naked“.

The video is 5 minutes long but the landing happens within the first 30 seconds and that’s what is worth watching.

I still think that this is an ugly aircraft – even more so when it is in the “buff“. But you cannot avoid being amazed by how such a huge lump of metal can stay in the air.

Over to you: If you liked this Video of first British Airways AirbusĀ A380 landing click here to see a picture. Or for a taste of BA’s premium cabins please click here to watch my video review of flying BA FIRST Class on a Boeing 747.

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