We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Time off over Christmas and New Year inevitably means many duvet days watching films on TV, DVD and now for the first time, Blu Ray.

Piranha 3D gnawed its way into my Christmas stocking this year. From the cover photos and blurb it looked like a good excuse to expose as much bikini clad female flesh as possible. It also promised to showcase the questionable acting skills of Kelly Brook, as well as showcasing as much of her bikini clad flesh as possible.

Surprisingly enough, once you get past what’s on display, you are left with a pretty good thriller, with at least six genuine heart stopping shock moments. And some scenes of real edge of the seat tension. The film pays homage to Jaws (especially in the opening moments with Richard Dreyfuss), with one shock to equal the “head coming through the hole in the boat” moment from the 1975 classic.

There’s not much story. It’s summer and all the youngsters are out on the lake enjoying the sun. An earth tremor creates a crack in the lake bed through which a huge swarm of prehistoric, and extremely hungry piranha fish emerge. They immediately start to sate their hunger on the revelers. The special effects are gruesome and there is gore galore with just enough black humour to balance off the blood.

It took me a few moments to recognise the actress playing the cop who jet skis in to the rescue – Elizabeth Shue (Marty McFly’s girlfriend in the second two Back to The Future films). And as if in homage Christopher Lloyd turns up in typical mad starry eyed professor mode to support her efforts to rid the lake of its feeding frenzy of fiendish fish.

In the end it is really just about bikini clad flesh being stripped to the bone, but the out of seat shocks and the tension elevate it above the fish food it first appeared to be.

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