Worth sharing – infographic on why HR must embrace and not hate social media

A while back I wrote a post asking why do some IT and HR departments hate social media marketing?

I wrote it because I believe that social media marketing should form a strong part of a company’s business strategy. Engaging the staff in this process creates an army of brand ambassadors. But in many businesses they block social media from the staff.

Why is this?

Because HR departments hate social media. They don’t want their staff on Facebook and Twitter and not working now do they?

But people not doing their jobs is not a social media issue. It’s about good management.

Remember about 20 years ago when phones appeared on people’s desks. In those days, HR said that staff would spend all their time on the phone talking to friends. They didn’t of course.

Anyway the guys at Compliance and Safety sent me this great infographic which sets out why HR must embrace and not hate social media.

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So let’s be clear. It’s never about the technology? It wasn’t back when phones first appeared on desks and it isn’t now. It’s always been about managing the staff.

Don’t block social media, because in reality your staff might be able to help promote the company or create good content for you.

Over to you: What do you think about this infographic on why HR must embrace and not hate social media? Have you seen resistance to social media from your HR people? How have you addressed their concerns. Have you got them on board? Please leave a comment by clicking on “leave a reply” below here.

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