Worth sharing – the best content marketing infographic I have seen

Here’s the best content marketing infographic I have seen.

I’ve written a few posts about content marketing or inbound marketing as it is often called and how you can use it to promote your business in the local community and elsewhere.

Here are two of them:

Getting Found – the difference between inbound and outbound marketing


Content marketing for fitness professionals – how to get customers to come to you

But this is the best summary I have seen so far and it is so good I just had to share it.

The best content marketing infographic
With many thanks to Copyblogger.

Click here for the full-sized infographic.

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3 thoughts on “Worth sharing – the best content marketing infographic I have seen

  1. Nice! Thanks Roger 🙂

    As a non-marketing expert I found that really useful and a great visual explanation.

    One question though…..with social media being such a relatively inexpensive and accessible form of marketing it makes sense to use it as a primary tool, however given the choice of social media outlets (be it Facebook, twitter, my space, etc) is it possible that you can spend too much time trying to implement or manage all the available options? Would it be better to limit time on focussing on just a few social media outlets, and if so, how would go about building your short list? What criteria could someone use to build that short list?

    I’ve probably given you a large task there…sorry!! lol 😀

    1. Great question and worthy of a whole blog post in itself. Social often comes across as a panacea with many articles saying you need to be on FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Truth is that you can’t be good at everything nor do you have time to invest in everything. And most importantly, social is “part” of a marketing/business plan, rather than the plan itself.

      I use FB and Twitter to push traffic to Grandnat – mainly because it is easy to search for people on both those platforms who are interested in what I write about (e.g. posting a link to a Les Mills review on a Les Mills page). Or you search and find “local” people interested in what you do on FB.

      Some fitness PTs and other local businesses (e.g. restaurants) use FB (and perhaps a blog) – almost exclusively. The PT tells all his clients to “like” his FB page, or the chef at the restaurant asks for the same. They then use the FB page to keep their clients up dated and send them articles and special offers.

      For small businesses I think concentrating on a hub for content (either a blog or a FB page) and one or two social platforms best suited to your local market is the way to go.

      1. So in essence you would focus on your website being the hub with all the relevant content you want to put out and then use the likes of FB, twitter etc as “bolt ons” to help reach out and spread the message?

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