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What on Earth are these cats talking about?

As a marketer I have often been described by colleagues as ‘the guy that does the fluffy’ stuff. I took this to extremes recently when I made a speech at a conference and used a YouTube video of a mother cat protecting her kitten as an example of how we can tap into social media to promote our products.

As I researched this I came across many entertaining cat videos. Just try Googling “Cats trying to understand treadmills” for one hilarious example.

This video has two cats having a chat. What are they talking about? It is so involved and of course cute and fluffy.

Now look on YouTube for all the translation videos that people have done – some of which are bordering on genius. Another example of the power of social media. How are you using it to promote your business or yourself to your clients?

The Cat with a Thousand Names

I recently lost the best friend I had in the world. He’s been around for nearly 18 years, listening to my thoughts, my woes and my triumphs without judging. Offering unconditional love and affection when needed. Offering comments and opinions in his own language which I always felt were right on the mark.


Yes, Jek, my beloved cat, named so long ago after a black and white masked villain called Sharaz Jek in Doctor Who, you have been my devoted friend and constant companion. And over those 18 years you have gone by many names. Boots (as in “Puss in Boots”); Black and White (for obvious reasons); Pink Nose (for more obvious reasons); Savage (when you swiped my hand and left claw marks during “The Ears Game”). There were thousands of other names as well. But most importantly you were just my Jekky.


Now you are gone, but my memories of you will last a lifetime. I’ll miss hearing you purring at the foot of the bed; crunching on munchies in the middle of the night; and I’ll miss your chirrups greetings and our long conversations.

I’ll never forget you, pink nose. Your paw prints will always be in my heart.


Sleep tight, little one.